About Us

About Us

Oriole Global Health provides evidence-based solutions to meet health and development goals through a global network of experts based in regional offices in Africa, Asia and Europe.

We support public health policy formulation, disease burden evaluation, cost benefit analyses, programme design and implementation, programme monitoring and evaluation, and delivery management. Our expertise is based, first and foremost, on the wealth of practical experience of our expert team.

They employ detailed scientific analyses of disease burdens and their distribution within populations, cost effective evaluations of control options, the design of monitoring and evaluation programmes, the identification of how best to deliver a defined programme and expert project management and staff training programmes.

Following a client centred approach, we work in partnership with our clients to develop products, services and interventions that are sustainable, scalable and suited to the environment that they work in.

Oriole Global Health works collaboratively with a wide range of global health stakeholders including governments, bilateral and multilateral organisations, NGOs, academia, private sector and pharmaceutical.

“Achieving ‘health for all’ requires more than a single solution or actor. Oriole works closely with our clients and partners to tailor bespoke services which are responsive and appropriate to our clients’ needs - there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.”

- Professor Sir Roy Anderson