Reviewing School feeding in Madagascar

Reviewing School feeding in Madagascar

The challenge

OGH consultants have extensive experience of working with governmental ministries of health, education and agriculture to develop home grown school feeding (HGSF) programmes. These nationally owned programmes to provide nutritious school meals using food procured from local smallholder farmers.

Based on this expertise, OGH consultants were asked by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to join an international consortium to undertake an operational and programmatic review of school feeding programmes in Madagascar. This review was to assess the feasibility and design of new school feeding initiatives that were accessible to all children and responsive to local environmental conditions.

The approach

As part of this review OGH consultants carried out in depth analysis of Madagascar’s national educational policy priorities and conducted field visits and stakeholder interviews.

The impact

The resultant review proposed a three-pronged approach that was framed around OSF’s goals and model of engagement whilst also complemented and supported the exisiting hgsf programmes in Madagascar.

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