What We Do

Oriole Global Health offer a suite of tailored services to enhance the ability of our clients to provide effective and cost-efficient global health programmes.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop products, services and solutions that are responsive to their needs and offer impact, efficiency and long term sustainability.

Our consultants’ track record for delivering pragmatic evidence-base support is backed by expertise and knowledge drawn from extensive experience working across the education, health, agriculture, political and health sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is of populations benefiting from improved health and free from the burden of disease achieved through targeted solutions. By using the latest scientific approaches to treatment, delivery and evaluation, we strive to ensure that cost effective solutions for prevalent health challenges are available to all.


Achieving "health for all" requires more than a single solution or a single actor, hence Oriole Global Health works closely with its clients and partners to provide services which are responsive and appropriate to our client’s needs – there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. We believe our clients are central to sustained success, and thus we work with them to develop products, services and solutions for greater impact, efficiency and long term sustainability.

Technical Assistance

Monitoring & Evaluation

Innovation & Intelligence