Innovation & Intelligence

Innovation & Intelligence

Oriole Global Health provides its clients with innovative and cost effective solutions based on the latest scientific thinking. By providing tools and expertise to identify and develop health responses and opportunities, we take clients through an evaluation process to identity what is possible given their potential constraints.

We believe that there are an abundance of effective health responses that communities are missing out on due to stakeholders not having access to (or knowledge of) the expertise of fellow practitioners, the latest research findings or potential funding opportunities.

To enable clients to utilise this pool of knowledge in their global health programming we work in partnership with our clients to collate, structure and align the expertise and experiences of fellow stakeholders with the wider research evidence-base.

We look to bring together stakeholders to maximise knowledge sharing, investment and partnership opportunities in a way that empowers our clients to formulate stronger context-specific health systems and solutions.

Our Innovation & Intelligence services include:

  • Situational Analyses
  • Study Tours
  • Intelligence briefings and reports
  • Market analysis
  • Partnership workshops