Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

The implementation of health interventions in many regions, especially in resource poor settings, is hampered by a lack of effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems. This lack of provision can lead to the mis-targetting of activities and poor programme transparency, ultimately damaging both the cost-effectiveness and the overall success of the intervention.

Oriole Global Health consultants have extensive experience of developing and implementing innovative and cost-effective M&E programmes which have supported the success of health interventions around the world.

We adopt a science and technology driven approach which employs cutting edge methodologies that are simple and easy to implement. To ensure the sustainability of these M&E systems we seek to build the capacity of our clients through training workshops designed to enable stakeholders to develop the skills they need to effectively monitor intervention programmes in terms of health outcomes and cost.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation services include:

  • Participatory M&E
  • M&E programme design and implementation
  • Programme mid-term or end term review
  • Ex-ante evaluation and feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder training