By employing internationally renowned researchers and scientists at the forefront of their respective fields Oriole Global Health is able to adopt cutting-edge scientific approaches to analyse and understand current and future health challenges.

Our support, based on detailed quantitative analyses, is designed to help clients to make informed decisions, improve their research uptake, help in policy formulation, and deliver cost-effective and targeted programmes.

Oriole’s expertise covers both laboratory and field based analysis, spanning epidemiological studies, health economic evaluations, and surveillance & monitoring.

Where programmes have been in operation for long periods, Oriole Global Health’s scientific approach sheds light on cost-effective measures in terms of how best to monitor impact and identify investment needs.

Our Science services include:

  • Drug efficacy trials
  • Community-based interventions
  • Health programme feasibility studies
  • Monitoring and impact evaluations
  • Operational research design
  • Disease control strategies