Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Oriole Global Health consultants benefit from a wide range of experiences and technical expertise gained from designing, delivering and evaluating health interventions in both developed and developing economies around the world.

Oriole Global Health’s technical assistance is designed to enable our clients to delivery interventions effectively and cost-efficiently. We tailor our technical assistance support packages around the client’s needs and proficiencies to ensure that their objectives are met through increased human and programmatic capacity. This assistance can be focused on shorter term support that looks at initial design or implementation of programmes or on longer-term commitments to provide on-going management of a programme.

To ensure the sustainability of our clients’ programmes our technical assistance services place emphasis on building the capacity of stakeholders through training programmes which allow for the transfer of our knowledge and technical expertise.

Our Technical Assistance services include:

  • Programme design
  • Programme implementation
  • Programme evaluation
  • Stakeholder training