Our Team

Professor Sir Roy Anderson

Professor Sir Roy Anderson is a leading medical scientist and authority on infectious diseases and their control in developed and developing economies.

Iain Gardiner

Iain Gardiner has a wealth of analytical and operational experience gained from working with organisations including the African Union, World Bank, the World Food Programme and Imperial College London in the design and implementation of a range health, nutrition and WASH interventions in sub-Saharan African and Asia.

Jane Lillywhite

Jane Lillywhite has over 30 years of experience of global health research and administration. With a background in parasitology and immunology Jane began her career developing diagnostic tools for use in the immuno-epidemiological research of parasitic infections. She then moved into research management and administration and has overseen an extensive number of international projects.

Elodie Yard

Elodie Yard has over 15 years’ experience of management and technical assistant of programmes in sub-Saharan Africa that have advanced government health interventions. This has included programmes and projects ranging from school health & nutrition, HIV, maternal health and health economics.

Laura Appleby

Dr Laura Appleby has over a decade of experience in epidemiology and control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), with particular focus on helminthiases.

Carolin Vegvari

Dr Carolin Vegvari is an analyst specialising in computational medical sciences. She holds an MPhil and a PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University of Cambridge and has been involved in a broad range of projects.

Jimmy Kihara

Dr Jimmy Kihara is a medical parasitologist, with over 37 years experience working in the fields of epidemiology, control of vector borne diseases, diagnosis and Immunological techniques

Rebecca Baggaley

Dr Rebecca Baggaley is an epidemiologist specialising in mathematical modelling of infectious diseases and systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Kristin Muthui

Kristin Muthui has a wealth of operational and technical experience in the fields of sustainable agriculture, food security, climate change and development in low income settings.