Jimmy Kihara

Dr Jimmy Kihara

Jimmy Kihara, MSc PhD

Dr Jimmy Kihara is one of Kenya's leading medical parasitologists, with over 37 years experience working with the Kenyan Ministry of Health in the fields of epidemiology, control of vector borne diseases, diagnosis and Immunological techniques.

During his time with the Ministry of Health he was seconded to Kenya Medical Research Institute where he was appointed as an Associate Senior Research Scientist.

As a medical researcher, Jimmy focuses on issues of parasitology, immunology, epidemiology and molecular biology. Based in Kenya, he has a wealth of experience leading public health programmes in a wide range of settings across Asia and Africa.

Over the past 15 years, Dr Kihara has focused his research efforts on the control of soil transmitted helminths and schistosomiasis in school-aged children in Kenya, Pakistan and India.

He is a seasoned lecturer, teaching post graduate students from a number of medical institutions in Kenya including Kenya Medical Training College, Jomo Kenyatta University College of Agriculture and technology, Technical University of Mombasa, Maseno University and Kenyatta University. In 2018, Dr Kihara was made an associate research scientist with Nelson Mandela University in South Africa.